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Welcome to the exciting new world of Personality-based Internal Auditing



Sharing Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA® skills with internal auditors is of high importance for me. I currently offer one PBA® workshop, focusing on the myriad factors of an innovation ecosystem.

Please be aware that mastering PBA® requires long-term commitment as in-depth knowledge of PSI theory is required.


The myriad factors of an innovation ecosystem

 Are you asking yourself: 

  • Is there a way to predict if a company will be innovative?

  • If adaptability, innovation and future-readiness are key features of winning organizations in the next decade - does our organization have what it takes?

  • Is there a link between fear, diversity, the fact that millenials request socially committed organizations, and the organization's innovation capacity? [ Short answer: YES ]

 Do you want to: 

  • Learn more about the myriad factors of an innovation ecosystem?

  • Look at innovation capacity from a function analytical perspective, i.e. bringing academic psychology to the evaluation table?

  • Get an understanding of the building blocks of an innovation capacity oriented audit programm?

You've found the right place! I am Barbara Siegenthaler and I pioneer a systemic approach that combines internal audit expertise and scientific psychology. 

 In this workshop, you will: 

  • Get an introduction to the four fundamentally different ways how humans process informations.

  • Study some key factors of innovation ecosystems, based on "real-life" examples from innovation experts around the globe (for more details please refer to my innovation related case study).

  • Get an understanding of the personality system interaction patterns that are key for innovative organizational personalities.

  • Get an impression of the predictive power of the PBA® evaluation methodology.