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Auditing beyond boundaries:
Kiss traditional approaches goodbye

I share The Organizational Personality Framework and Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA® in keynote speaking engagements. My current geographical focus is Europe, but depending on the conference and/or group, you could tempt me to get on a long-haul plane (once we are in the past-Corona phase ...).

My speeches provide unique guidance on how winning organizations in the next decade will (should ...)  tick, and how world-class internal audit functions will provide them with future-oriented insights of high strategic relevance.

As internal audit is part of a bigger ecosystem, I am also sharing insights about the frenzy of the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by disruptive technologies, a new kind of value creation, and change at an exponential pace - and about the role of the third line of defence going forward.

My main interest and focus is in general the meta-level, i.e. providing the logic behind the information. The key question I am passionate about is:


 "What exactly is happening - beyond the visible signs?" 

We live in exciting times.

 Next speaking engagement: 

September 2020

Auditing Beyond Barriers - Thinking One Step Further to Improve Quality 

Joint speaking engagement with Anja Pixa at the German Internal Audit Quality Management conference, organized by IIA Germany (DIIR), in Düsseldorf, Germany.

 Speaking engagements to date: 

July 2020

Podcast Interview - "Jamming with Jason"

I was a guest at the English Podcast "Jamming with Jason" by Jason Mefford, Rock Star - Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance,

Publication planned for 7 July 2020

June 2020

Podcast Interview - "Interne Revision -  Souverän, Kollegial, Wirksam"

I was a guest at the German Internal Audit podcast by Silvia Puhani,

Link to the podcast (German only)


June 2020

Organization Personality?

Virtual event, Coffee & Cocktail Conversations, organized by TheDesk in Hong Kong, and

Virtual event, Drinking Dialogues, organized by TheDesk in Hong Kong,


November 2019

A Personality Psychological Look at the IIA Code of Ethics 

Speaking engagement and member of the expert panel at the CIA Professional Exchange of Experience meeting in Zurich, Switzerland

June 2019

Evaluating the Organization's Innovation Ability - Internal Audit as Unusual 
Keynote speaking engagement at the German Certified Internal Auditor CIA conference, organized by IIA Germany (DIIR), in Düsseldorf, Germany.

November 2018

Handling Complexity: Holistic Thinking & Evaluation Models as a New Tool in Internal Audit 

Speaking engagement at the training day "Aktuelle Themen zur Internen Revision" (current internal audit topics), organized by EXPERT SUISSE, a Swiss specialist association for Auditing, Taxes, and Fiduciary, in Zurich, Switzerland.

May 2018

Unlock Your Organization's Secret Brainwaves 

Speaking engagement and roundtable discussion at the "Chief Audit Executive Roundtable Nordic" in Parnu, Estonia.

January 2018

A Function Analytical Approach to Evaluating Organizational Culture  

Speaking engagement at the "Internal Audit After Work" event organized by IIA Switzerland (SVIR) in Zurich, Switzerland.

Other presentation topics: 

Topics in the pipeline include:

  • Dancing around the golden calf: Will the start-up be successful?

  • Psychology and digitalization: The digital world requires new thinking!

  • Welcome to the future! How do learning, self-organized companies tick? 

  • What fear, discipline, and holistic thinking have to do with innovation

  • Aurea aetas: The agile mindset is golden

  • Hello purpose! Why millenials expect companies to make a positive impact in society

  • Opening Pandora's box: Welcome to the world of soft control evaluations

  • The bias theatre: Key features of world-class internal audit functions

If you would like to discuss a PBA® speech, please e-mail me.

I offer a free initial consultation to open-minded individuals, boards and internal audit functions who take pride in being at the forefront of internal audit innovation. Please call us on +41 (0)78 90 11 074 or e-mail us.

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