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PSI Theory


The theory of personality systems interactions was published in 2001 on more than 1000 pages ... (to date available in German only): Kuhl, J., Motivation und Persönlichkeit, Hogrefe, 2001

Professor Julius Kuhl's website (in German, currently being translated into English, includes some academic publications in English):


Website of the Institute for Motivation and Personality Development Assessment Research and Training (IMPART GmbH) that includes information about PSI Theory and the TOP/EOS personality scans based on PSI Theory:

PBA® Publications


October 2018
Evaluating organizational culture. PBA®: Hard data instead of "gut feel" by Siegenthaler, Barbara. Expert Focus 10/2018, a Swiss journal for auditing, taxes, and fiduciary. Article in GermanFrench

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PBA® Speaking Engagements

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