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PSI Theory


The theory of personality systems interactions was published in 2001 on more than 1000 pages ... (to date available in German only). Probably not the best start, but here is the link anyway: Kuhl, J., Motivation und Persönlichkeit, Hogrefe, 2001

Professor Julius Kuhl's website (in German, currently being translated into English, includes some academic publications in English):


Website of the Institute for Motivation and Personality Development Assessment Research and Training (IMPART GmbH) that includes information about PSI Theory and the TOP/EOS personality scans based on PSI Theory:

PBA® Publications


October 2018
Evaluating organizational culture. PBA®: Hard data instead of "gut feel" by Siegenthaler, Barbara. Expert Focus 10/2018, a Swiss journal for auditing, taxes, and fiduciary. Article in GermanFrench

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