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Function analytical personality scans for Board Audit Committee members, Chief Audit Executives, audit directors and internal auditors.

What's the point of that? To mitigate the risk that you fall in love with risks, audits, controls and root-causes that reflect your personality ...

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 A quick introduction to PSI theory 

To keep things short and sweet, PSI theory (Julius Kuhl, 2001) differentiates between CONTENT of thinking (what people think) and FORM of thinking (how people think): 

  1. CONTENT of thinking: For instance, because different individuals encounter different stimuli throughout their lives, individuals are likely to develop different associations between different types of stimuli, and different stimuli will be novel and arousing.

  2. FORMS of thinking For instance, relative to others, some individuals may chronically be more motivated by achievement motives, or be inclined towards a detail-oriented thinking style. Or: All humans have the same set of personality systems, but they differ in their preference for specific personalty systems combinations: For instance, relative to others, some individuals may be characterized by a holistic feeling style combined with high motor activation.

 EOS personality scans 

Based on PSI theory, the 360 degree EOS personality scans are resource and evolvement oriented. The focus: FORMS of thinking, independent of the content of thinking.


The following types of scans are available:

1) Individual personality scans (can be aggregated into a Group scan):

  • The small, quick 90° scan focuses on motives. Online test, around 30 minutes.

  • The 180° scan provides greater depth, focusing on stress management (self-steering abilities under stress) or on motivation. Online tests, each around 60 minutes.

  • The 360° scan describes a person in all their complexity (with up to 100 personality components), including conscious and unconscious motives, self-steering competencies, stress management, volition and self-growth. Online test, around 120-180 minutes.

​2) Anonymous scans for up to 2000 employees (can be included in corporate culture evaluations).

Done online, the tests are available in various languages, including English and German. More information about the PSI personality scans in German, in English.

 Internal Auditor 


Individual personality scans (90°, 180° or 360° scan), performed online, with a face-to-face feedback session to discuss the characteristics of the profile, also in relation to the current career path and position (including potential next steps), and - if desired - pivotal points for change to increase the person's overall adaptability and flexibility.

PSI theory and the EOS scans do not assign people to types: Whatever your profile looks like, there are advantages, disadvantages, and challenges (including, in some cases, lifelong development tasks) associated with it. There is no such thing such as "the perfect profile". 

Please note that EOS scans are not the type of personality scans you should disclose to your team mates, as done sometimes with "sweet little" personality tests filled in (mainly for fun) during team development workshops.

 Internal audit leadership teams 


A group profile can be composed of individual personality scans for all Group members, or

an anonymous, simultaneous scans for the group's members. 

If composed of individual scans, the individual scans are discussed on a 1-2-1 basis with the respective individual, with anonymized results being presented and discussed at a group level.

At a group level, one of the focus areas can be the link between the group's profile and the group's work results (such as the group profile of the internal audit leadership team and the audit plan it creates). 


A group profile describes HOW the group functions: The focus is on the group's thinking & behavior preferences, independent of the group member's areas of expertise.

 Organizational "personality scans" 

PBA® defines corporate culture as the organization's aggregated personality profile, at a macro and/or micro levels. 


The anonymous, simultaneous scans for up to 2000 employees can therefore be used in the context of evaluating culture.


Personality scans describe HOW an individual functions, independent of the content of his or her personality systems. PBA® uses the same approach at an organizational level, focusing on HOW the organization or department functions, independent of the content of the workforce's personality systems. 


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