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PBA® in a Nutshell

PBA®: A 360 degree thinking & evaluation grid for human factors, across the organization

  • PBA® is a new qualitative evaluation methodology that expands internal audit's toolbox. It applies The Organizational Personality Framework in the context of internal auditing.

  • PBA® empowers internal auditors to continuously assess and report the organization's mindset, its thinking and behavior preferences, in an analytical & comprehensive way.

  • PBA®  allows for consistent & comparable human factor evaluations across the organization - including strategy, culture, innovation, change programs, recruiting, leadership, governance, and assurance.

  • PBA® provides fast, tangible, and future-oriented evaluation results of high strategic relevance​​ that can be reported in a neutral language.

  • PBA® is not limited to linear-causal thinking in either-or categories.

  • PBA® leverages the explanatory & predictive value of a groundbreaking & highly innovative psychological meta theory: The so-called Theory of Personality Systems Interactions.

  • PBA® adds an ongoing function analytical meta level to internal audit's work: Independent of cognitive content, the dynamics and interactions between personality systems are at the centre of attention - at an internal auditor, engagement, functional, and organizational levels. Say goodbye to blaming individuals.

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