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PBA® Expert Advice

Welcome to the future of internal audit, today

Whether you are considering starting to evaluate human factors and soft controls, or in the process of evaluating them and not sure that it is going the right way, let's meet and have a chat. 

Maybe you recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios:

I am not sure auditing soft controls adds value 

In my view keeping away from soft control evaluations is almost always a mistake.


The future that organizations face will not be predictable. Evaluating topics such as the future-readiness of your organization and its innovation capability are moving to the centre of attention.


For a long time, soft controls were considered one of the biggest challenges in the field of internal audit. PBA® helps to change that, providing insights of high strategic relevance and making your internal audit function sparkle.

Where can I learn PBA®? 


PBA® is a scalable method that can be combined with most other evaluation approaches you already use. There are several good starting points to learn PBA®. What about booking a one day workshop about the myriad factors of an innovation ecosystem? More about my PBA® Services.


Please be aware that mastering PBA® requires long-term commitment as in-depth knowledge of PSI theory is required.

PBA® sounds promising, does it really work? 

PBA® leverages the explanatory & predictive value of a groundbreaking psychological system theory, at an organizational level.


Personality Systems Interactions PSI Theory (Julius Kuhl, 2001) is a highly innovative and unique, groundbreaking and integrative framework model of personality that incorporates central themes from cognitive, emotional, motivation, developmental, and social psychology, as well as the neurosciences (German Psychological Society, 2012). More about PSI theory

PBA® seems too academic. ​

"There is nothing so practical than a good theory." (Kurt Lewin, 1890 - 1947, pioneer in psychology). Those who are prepared to get involved in the complexity of combining state of the art internal auditing with PSI theory receive a rich harvest: New, innovative perspectives to drive sustainable organizational change that has impact. In my view, it is worth it.