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PBA® Digital Mindset

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The digital world needs new thinking



Digitalization is reshaping the global business landscape. Digitalization requires digital thinking and working throughout the company. Key characteristics of the digital mindset include a focus on teams, networks, speed, and a creative, authentic, inspiring communication.


  • "Digitalization does not only require the restructuring of the company - above all, it requires a rethinking in people's minds. Teams instead of hierarchies, networks instead of silos, speed instead of perfection, learning from customers instead of teaching them - the digital world needs new thinking." Meffert + Meffert, Eins oder Null, 2017

Whether we are talking about corporate culture, the agile mindset, the digital mindset, the organization's ability to innovate, or the workplace culture expected by the young workforce, from a PBA® perspective these evaluation topics are all interrelated.

  • ​"The digitalization operating system: Agile. Use the opportunities digitalization can provide and make agile thinking and acting the operational foundation of your organization. The transition is not simple, but it is worth it."​


The digital mindset is characterized, among other things, by personality system connections that provide access to the individual's knowledge and experience networks. 


  • Decomposes the term "digital mindset" into its function analytical components 

  • Compares and contrasts the organization's current thinking and behavior preferences with the function analytical components that foster a digital mindset

  • Provides fine-grained insights into the organization's digital mindset at an individual, group, and organizational levels


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