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PBA® Agile Mindset

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Agility is a question of culture





Agility is more than methodologies, practices, meetings, and user stories. Agility requires a certain type of mindset, characterized by collaboration, interactions, speed, individuals, self-organization, and reflection. Truly implementing agile means that it has to become a part of your corporate culture.



  • "You can't buy Agile. Becoming a resilient organization and adapting to an Agile way of working requires a shift in mindset and culture. People need to communicate differently; collaboration between teams will change; and managers will have to become Agile leaders."​​


Whether we are talking about corporate culture, the agile mindset, the digital mindset, the organization's ability to innovate, or the workplace culture expected by the young workforce, from a PBA® perspective these evaluation topics are all interrelated, as illustrated in this quote:

 "Agile organizations appear to be powerful machines for innovation and learning." 

McKinsey quarterly, Why agility pays, December 2015


 The PBA® definition of an agile mindset: Individuals, teams, and organizations with an agile mindset can recruit personality systems that are optimally suited to perform the various tasks they encounter. 


An agile mindset is connected to the self-steering competencies of individuals, teams, and organizations, and to personality system connections that include the extension memory.


  • Decomposes the term "agile mindset" into its function analytical components 

  • Compares and contrasts the organization's current thinking and behavior preferences with the function analytical components that foster an agile mindset

  • Provides fine-grained insights into the organization's agile mindset at an individual, group, and organizational levels


More about the PBA® characteristics.​​​

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