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Barbara Siegenthaler 


Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Savanteon LLC

Founder The Organizational Personality Framework

Founder Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA® 

Hello & welcome! May I introduce myself? I am a passionate, open-minded thinker and experienced professional who expands the boundaries of business theory & practice. My work integrates internal audit expertise and academic psychology into a 360 degree thinking grid to evaluate human factors.


I am a one-person think tank who provides keynote speaking, training, and management consulting services. I am the founder of The Organizational Personality Framework, in the context of internal audit I call it Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA®.

I have a knack for breaking down complexity and putting forward new insights based on unusual thought combinations. I prefer work settings where all partners are on an equal footing, and dislike narrow thinking, status orientation, and knowledge hoarding.

For more information about my background, please have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

 Collaboration partners 

My collaboration partners include Prof. Emeritus Julius Kuhl, the founder of the above-mentioned PSI system theory, and an internationally renowned representative in the field of academic psychology.

 Working languages 

I work in English and German (and have a good understanding of French).

 Qualifications & Diplomas 

  • Hypnosystemic "Empowerment for teams and organizations", Dr. Günther Schmidt,, ongoing

  • Certified PSICoach®, Prof. Julius Kuhl, University of Osnabrück, and Doris Gunsch, psychological executive consulting,, Osnabrück, Germany, ongoing

  • Certified Internal Auditor, CIA

  • Founder of The Organizational Personality Framework

  • Founder of the Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA® method

  • Certified PSI Expert, Theory of Personality Systems Interactions, Prof. Julius Kuhl, University of Osnabrück, Germany

  • Certified PSI Competence Consultant, Theory of Personality Systems Interactions, Prof. Julius Kuhl, University of Osnabrück, Germany, and, Germany,

  • EOS Personality Diagnostics, Theory of Personality Systems Interactions, Prof. Julius Kuhl,, Germany,

  • Certified PRB®-Coach IPSIS, Personality and Resource-based Consulting, PSI Institute Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Qualifications in the Zurich Ressource Model ZRM (Dr. Maja Storch/Dr. Frank Krause), embodiment and non-violent communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg)

  • eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations, eSCM-CL, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  • Quality Systems Manager (ISO 9001)

  • Attorney-at-Law, Canton of Berne, Switzerland

  • MLaw (lic.iur.), University of Berne, Switzerland



Institute of Internal Auditors IIA Switzerland

Swiss Risk Association

Disruption Disciples, Zurich chapter

Zurich Behavioral Economics Network

 Publications & Speaking 


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