A new evaluation methodology for the dynamic

organizations of today

Looking for future-oriented assurance, advice and insights into your organization's mindset? Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA®, a new and analytical qualitative evaluation method delivers just that.

Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA®

Are you a Board Audit Committee member? 

A Chief Audit Executive?

An Audit Director?

An Internal Auditor?


Are you asking yourself: 

  • How to evaluate conduct risks & soft controls?

  • How to provide predictive assurance & advice? 

  • How to keep pace with stakeholders' increasing expectations?

  • How to assess the organization's adaptability, innovation and future-readiness?

Do you want to: 


  • Learn a new, qualitative evaluation methodology for predictive soft control & conduct risk evaluations?

  • Learn to leverage the synergy effects from combining internal audit & groundbreaking psychological system theories?​

  • Be at the forefront of internal audit innovation?


You've found the right place!

I am Barbara Siegenthaler and specialized in predictive, future-oriented conduct risk & soft control evaluations. My work combines cutting-edge psychological meta models with state of the art internal auditing.


 Consulting. Training. Personality Scans. Speaking. 

  • Consulting to let your internal audit department spark.

  • Training to get you up to speed with evaluating soft controls & behavioural risks.

  • Personality scans to understand internal audit's thinking & behaviour preferences.

  • And Speaking to talk about all of this.



 Efficient. Cost-effective. Predictive. 


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"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

Albert Einstein